Chevron Dresser

Chevrons are the new “it” pattern, and I have been wanting to use them on a piece of furniture for a while now. I picked this ratty old dresser up at a garage sale, and decided that this was the piece! This piece was all about trendy- chevrons, gray, and emerald green (the Pantone color of the year)

Picking the color and painting the body was the easy part- Lowe’s has small sample jars of Pantone colors, so Emerald Green was easy to find. The color turned out perfect, so I did a base of white on the drawer fronts. I really wasn’t sure how exactly I was going to manage the chevrons at that point, but I knew I wanted gray and white. I looked up several tutorials on chevrons online. Most required a lot of math, extensive taping and measuring, or templates- none of which I wanted to bother with. I fiddled around with painter’s tape- using the tape to space out lines (and then peeling the spaced stripe off). I did have soem bleeding, and had to do touch ups with a tiny paint brush, but it turned out pretty well!Image


Speak To Me

Sometimes, I find a piece that I know will turn out to be a great piece since it has great lines- but I’m not sure exactly what I will do with it at first. Other times, I know exactly what I will do right away. This great desk that I just found is in the latter category. It called to me from a garage sale as I was driving by, and I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do with it. I can’t wait to see the finished product!Image

Hello New Friend!

Hello, Beautiful Brass Trunk! I thought that you wanted to come with me to the Rose Bowl this weekend, but it turns out that you were actually yearning to replace my old coffee table. Perfect! (And if you need a vintage driftwood coffee table, I’ll be in Space KK12 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday- very north end of the Antiques section.)Image

Easy Way to Add Scent

The way your house smells is as important as how it looks. We all want a clean, fresh smelling home. There are many products designed to add scent to your house, but here is one cheap and easy way that is also virtually invisible.

   You will need only three items:Image

porous rocks (available pet stores in the aquarium section, florists/craft stores or in the home decor section- I found mine at  the Dollar Tree)

Scented Oil (again, I found mine at the Dollar Tree)

a vessel to hold your scented rocks

   Just take the rock, pour a few drops of the scented oil over them, and toss them so that the oil gets spreImagead thoroughly. Let the rocks completely soak up the oil for an hour or so, then fill your vessel. These make a nice base for fake flowers, or filler for an open bowl, but you can also hide them in a box or lidded container if it has perforations. The scent will renew itself with movement, so when you are cleaning your room just give your scented rocks a stir to refresh them. When the scent eventually evaporates completely, just add a few more drops to re-scent them.Image

Falling in Love Again


   My husband teases me that my antique business is just a cover for my passion for interior decorating. In a way, it’s true. They have a symbiotic relationship for sure. As a result of my business; I am always shopping for furniture, and looking at new ways of refinishing pieces. Through buying, refinishing, and selling, I have been able to hone in on my personal style. Once in a while (and luckily not more often), I come across a piece for my own home. They often need as much love and attention as the ones that I re-sell, but there is just something about them that grabs me from the start.

   I was a little sad to have sold an old library card catalog table recently. It spent some time in my own home, but it never really fit well into the aesthetic that I wanted. It was hard to let it go, but I knew in my heart that it wasn’t really meant to be mine. It became much easier when I found the perfect credenza for the living room. This is a piece that I have been searching some time for. I walked into one of my favorite second hand stores to take a second look at a different piece, and this had just been brought out. I knew instantly that it was the perfect piece for my living room- well built, detailed in such a way that it will look amazing painted in different colors, and the right length and height. The price was even right. I fell in love with this piece the moment that I saw it, and I fall in love a little bit more each time I see it again. I can’t imagine how much more I will love it after it’s painted and styled. These perfect points of bliss in my home are why I love design, and why I can’t stop looking- even when I don’t buy.

Consistency in Design

   I used to think that the idea that you need to have consistent style throughout your house was just silly. I liked so many different styles, that I would decorate each room in a different one. It made life interesting when every time you walk into another room, you have a new experience.

   I have come to rethink that idea. Yes, it was fun, but not really functional. Each room functioned only as itself, and not as a park of the house as a whole. I am finally trying to get a consistent style throughout the house (excluding my teenage kids bedrooms), and make it a cohesive picture. 

   It was difficult, as first, for me to try to take the style in my bedroom and translate that into a living room, dining room, kitchen, and office. After much thought, (and tons of pinning) I have sort of come to terms with it. I think the rest of the house will be a little more bold than the bedroom, but they will all relate well (if I ever get it all completed).

Living in Your Design

THE most important thing to remember when designing your space is that you will have to live there- day in and day out, through all the seasons (let’s just assume you’re like me and don’t have multiple properties). Your divine looking space must also function for you and your family. It really takes a lot of forethought to design a place that meets all of your needs. You must consider the tiniest of details of your day to day life- where do you take off your shoes? How much storage space do you really need in the kitchen? What things do not currently have homes that need them? These details will be the ones that make your house into more than a showpiece. You also need to think about how you would like to use your space that you are not currently using it as. Maybe you’d like to entertain and will need room for that, even though you don’t currently. Make sure to include your daily living routines into your plan for home design so that your house becomes a functional and comfortable home.

Summer Sandal Trends 2013

It may seem early, but I am on the hunt for summer sandals. I live in a hot, dry climate and I wear sandals 6 months out of the year. They get their fair share of wear and tear from my junkin’ trips, and so I am on the lookout for a good pair as soon as they start showing up in stores. I require a decent sole and some arch support (or else I add that with a stick on piece), open and cool,sturdy construction, comfort, and of course I want them to look good too! This year, there are some new trends in sandals that I like. I have been seeing many styles with multiple colors- two or more. I think the multi colored strap look is really modern, and I like it. I have also been seeing a lot of studded sandals, and I like this look as well. Studded shoes have been popular for the last year or so, and sandals are no exception. Some other trends that I am seeing are metallics and animal prints (snake, alligator, etc). I’m hoping to find at least a couple new pair of sandals to get me through the summer- and to embrace at least one of these new trends!

Saying Goodbye to Favorite Finds

   Being an antiques dealer, I have the opportunity to find some amazing pieces. Some of the pieces that I find go right into a shop or a flea market. Some pieces get a makeover before they are brought to sale. Some pieces sit in storage before making their debut, and some find their way into my personal inventory- at least for a while.

   The problem with being able to find amazing junk is that I start to feel connected to it, as if it’s all “mine”. In redecorating my home, I am having to say goodbye to some of the amazing pieces that I have found. It’s not always easy. Some pieces I just need to live with for a while before I can send them on to their new home. I say a heartfelt goodbye and don’t look back. Other pieces I bought for myself, and have a harder time letting go of. They contain a story that I am not quite finished reading. 

   Last summer, I found this amazing library card catalog table at an Estate Sale. The owner of the home was an antique re-finisher  and he had many pieces that were un-restored and had been sitting out in sheds. I am so glad that I found this table before it was stripped of all the years of wear and tear that went into it’s patina. I came on the last day of the sale, and managed to nab the library table for half price- the one item that I had come to the sale for. As I dragged it up to the pay station, there was a murmur through the crowd. Several people made comments about how nice it was, and where did I find it? The fact is, there had been pictures of the piece online ahead of the sale, and that it had been sitting in the backyard with many other pieces of furniture. Nobody else could see the beauty of the piece until it was brought in. I pride myself on being able to pick amazing pieces out of what may seem a bunch of junk, and part of my attachment to this piece is the pride that I felt when others recognized what I had found. The table is a wonderful piece- very useful and still in great shape. It does not work with where I am heading with my decorating, and so it’s time to let it go- but it’s still not easy. I always hope that my favorite pieces will find a good home with someone that loves them as much as I do, and that I will get to meet them and hear their story. That’s why I like doing Flea Markets and working at shops where I am selling. I have to remember that my job is to find the right owner for these amazing pieces, I am simply the Foster Parent.Image